The Grand Adventures of teh almighty Katsumi in teh Japaness….

13 Jun

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yus Katsumi is in teh Japan and loving it!
The first week I spent dossing around in Tokyo – going out with some fellow Gaijin folks from the hostel to places like Harajuku and Shibuya for shopping and sightseeing. I also indulged in doing some all night Karaoke sessions round the corner from the hostel – stumbling out at no less than 5am a little over tipsy, collapsing onto my bed upon my return and sleeping untill some stupid time the next day. The mornings following these sessions consisted of purchasing Niku Man (a sort of warm bun with a sweet mince meat filling) and Onigiri (Rice balls with some sort of tasty filling like tuna mayo) and sitting outside with the ‘Beer Breakfast Club’.
On one of my trips to Harajuku I happened to see my FAVORITE band EVER very randomly (see but not meet unfortunately) – Mucc and so there was much MUCH joygasming. However, due to limited funds I failed to purchase their new single – Fuzz (That will change come my next trip to Tokyo in January…)

After this week was spent it was time to get down to business, and me being me, I was rediculously naive and thought that it was going to be a breeze…Oh how wrong was I…..
After moving into a Gaijin house apartment (77,000, about 320 british pounds a month rent) in Asakusa, I spent the week looking and failing to find decent jobs and mulling in my room about how to keep the cockroaches in the kitchen and out of my room >_<… many a night was spent sleepless worrying about finances and jobs even the smallest sounds were enough to make me leap out of bed grab cockcroach spray ready myself for committing some serious cockraoch pwnage. I tell no lies it was -that- bad. One time I went into the kitchen and they were on the  sink, floor, damn couch, EVERYWHERE… Urgh.


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