Mmmm racism…

26 Mar

Just yesterday I encountered my first dose of real racism w00t! and from a member of staff – extra w00tness!
SO Yeh. Basically I was being picked on by my leader yesterday even though I was doing everything I should have been doing and corretly too. I think she must of had a sitck (or something equally uncomfortable) stuck up her ass or something as she was nit picking at the weirdest things – that even some of my collegues thought was unneccisary (I cant spell still… urgh..). But the again, she seems not to like me in general all the time so it was nothing new.
Anyways, I just ignored it and carried on with my work determined not to let it bother me. It came close to opening time and so I opted to fill the sake machine – something I HAD done before but the only thing that is tricky is the taste test – sometimes the sake can turn a funny taste but it is sometimes hard for me to tell so if i do doubt it I will ask someone (and most of the time I am right to do so).
Lie (leah kinda) my leader questioned my ability, rather dryly, in being able to perform the task and I said I would be fine. So Im about to pour the the sake in and I notice a sign thats been posted on the machine – so I ask Lie what it meant (I had a general idea but I just wanted to make sure – I thought it said out of use which it did but only part of it is apparently *shrugs*). She then takes the huff and takes the sake off me saying that she would do it herself. After protesting a little and trying to explain – I was just asking what the damn sign said – I gave up and went and did something else.
Just before we opened the doors we went to get changed and prettied up in the changing room so during this time I asked (firmly but nicely) that next time Rie let me do it (concidering she is always indirectly complaining that I never seem to know how to do anything).
She just grunted and said that (basically) only Japanese people were able to tell the difference in taste of the sake and so next time I should ask someone who is Japanese to do it instead.
I tried explaining that I knew the taste of sake and that if I happened to have any trouble I would ask but she just huffed and said something along the lines of : `I already told you that only Japanese people can tell the difference but your not listening to me. Jeasus you piss me off! URGH im going to the toilet!`
Then she huffed off only to come back a little later and huff a little more – off course not directly but as she walked off the second time all I heard was ` I REALLY HATE somethingsomething!` it sounded like `anata hontou ni kirai!!` which is `I REALLY HATE YOU!` but again i wasnt sure as she wasnt talking to me, she was just mouthing off while she was walking away.
I tried to ask what she said at that time but she `didnt hear me` and just kept walking, so I left it and remained sweet and calm throughout the rest of the evening despite wanting to rip into her about it.
So yeh. I talked to my american friends here and they agreed that that was just so uncalled for and so I WILL be speaking to the very top managment today about it – I f**king hate racism. EVen if she didnt mean it that way, she needs to learn that you cant say taht to people.
*sighs* anyways,
enough of the ranting – couldnt sleep till 4am last night as i was THAT hacked off and I had work at 7.30 this morn. Therefore I shall be getting some food and then sleeping untill my evening shift that starts at 3.30…. urgh…. but tomorrow is my day off so YEY!!!
And I also got Miyavi`s new album yesterday so that definately is a YEY moment – so its not all bad 😀 ROCK ON!
– Katsumi x


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