Ask yourself… (Just random ramblings…)

29 May

Just one of my random philosophical ponderings… I was thinking what it meant to be a good person. I try to be a good person by not lying, not decieving and by having an infinate forgiveness/patience in regards to the flaws of others….but when I look around its as though I am the only person in the whole world attempting to do this… And so I was left with the thought of why does it even matter to be a good person… my answer was – because some things are just good in themselves. When you commit an act that is wrong you will feel it is wrong and the same goes for if you commit an act that is good. Im not just talking about feeling `justified` here. Im talking about looking back on things you have done and feeling happy that you have done them, not regret.

So… Ask yourself these and be honest:
Do you think people should trust you? If so why? Does it even matter? Why?

(I think I may need to actually get some proper sleep at some point – sleep deprevation tends to make me ponder the workings of the universe and makes me sound like a nutcase urgh…)


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