The bookshelf…

2 Jun

If I didn’t mention it before I will do now – my room is HUGE even by english standards. It also happens to be filled with lots of antiques and 2 huge bookcases filled to the brim with mainly very old books. One of the bookcases is rivited against the far wall at the back of the room….above my bed… Or rather it -was- above my bed.
I didnt like the idea of sleeping under a 4metre length by 1and a 1/2 metre solid wood and glass bookcase filled with probably over 100 books (especially because of earthquakes and such)…So last night at around 3am I had enough and swapped the couch and coffee table with the bed.. Thus no more death by books (as ironic and halarious as that would probably be) and so im a happy panda now and my room looks even bigger! Gweeeeeee!
On a related note the bookcase of death contains numerous old books in German, French and Japanese with a small collection in English – like’The Fountainhead’,’The Japanese art of sex’, and ‘Ethics’by Arisotle.. I think this room was made for me *grin*


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