My day off

19 Jun

First of all – I really should have done this via a computer but alas, the computers here at manza suck (to be quite honest).
So yeh, today I have a day off work which was both good and bad. Bad because I move to tokyo in 3 days time and need the money, good because, well, lets face it – working here for over 6 months has apretty bad effect on ones sanity, general mental health and well being. The only things that got me by were sneaking left over manju into the bathroom to munch on, wiring my ipod under the back of my shirt, through and under my hair and into one ear during the times where customers weren’t in sight and positioning small tempura fish in pink noodle baskets so that they formed the anarchy symbol (will post picture at some point). Of course Manza parties are awesome and I have even got to serve Prince Akishino (the second son of the Emperor of japan) and have poked fun at a yakuza to his face (he found it funny too)but I really can’t wait to move to Tokyo…*sigh*


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