On the bus to Tokyo,freedom and adventure..

22 Jun

I’m sat on the bus to Tokyo. Its raining outside and as such the air is thick and the humidity unreal. The sky is heavily clouded and dim and yet it couldnt be any brighter a day even if the sky were to break open in floods of sunlight.
Because I -am- sat on the bus and -I- am going to Tokyo… And i’m not going back this time… Quite likely is the fact that times will be hard for the first couple of months but yet I am feeling an amazing calm, as if I hadnt a care in the world… and my thoughts drift back to the good times.. Last night I worked my backside off on the 3rd floor restaurants. There were was a large group of deaf Japanese people having a party in one of the rooms and for the first time I was able to practice the Japanese sign language I had learnt a few months back. I’d never seen people smile so brightly as these people did when I spoke to them and I felt like I had really touched them by making the effort to not only learn Japanese but also some Japanese sign language… it felt amazing…


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