I “heart” Tokyo part 2…

28 Jun

So aside from kamakazi Mr Rat who has a death wish, things are pretty sweet. Went to a barbecue the night before last at a friend of Rachael’s. There I made some more awesome friends who knew alot about studying in Japan as a foreigner – for free. I discovered, much to my amazement and pleasure, that I could actually have a chance at getting into Todai (Tokyo Uni – the Japanese version of Oxford uni) as the Japanese government really want foreigners to study over here and thus seem to practically throw scholarships at people from abroad. Sveet! Will be doing some more research on the matter including asking another friend of Racheal(I love that girl!)’s who actually goes to Todai(met him last night)! In the meantime will be studying my ass off for my jlpt level 2 exam which I will take in the uk this dec) – I’ve already started and learnt 25 odd new words in the space of 2 hours O_o…
Soo anyways.. yes I “heart” Tokyo. It is most awesome and I think things are really starting to go my way ^-^


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