I “heart” Tokyo…

28 Jun

After moving into my new house and having a couple of training sessions i’ve been given till Tuesday off – thats when I officially start work.
So I decided to be sociable over the last two nights and as such my sleeping pattern is screwed – hense why i am now still up at 6am drinking coffee and munching on egg fried rice minus the cooking oil (I dont want to get fat again…).
Am wondering on how to get rid of my small but very clever housemate Mr Rat… somehow the bugger got into Racheal (housemate) ‘s room and scared the crap out of us when we went in last night.. I think he jumped out of the window as he dissapeared behind the curtains and there was an odd squeeking sound from outside going in a downward direction..Either way we didnt see or hear him for the rest of the eve untill I heard a pitter patter coming from the kitchen at around 3am and then I knew he was back…
Ah well, at least it isnt cockroaches this time. Rats I can handle. They are cute as long as the sob’s dont eat my food…


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