Beach Party…

1 Jul

The day before yesterday I was asked by my housemate Racheal if I wanted to go to an all night beach party. Of course I couldn’t refuse *grins*
So off we went at 9pm – me, Racheal and her friends Hiro, Makoto and another girl (cant remember her name but she was from Zimbabwe) in Hiro’s car. 3 hours later we got to the beach and the men proceeded to unpack and assemble – tents, chairs, a barbecue and several boxes. It was almost as if they were planning on staying for the week not just till the next morning!
After everything was set up the guys proceeded to cook food and make tea 🙂 which was exceptionally nice but Racheal and I eventually had to make them sit down as they hadnt had a chance to relax all night.
We ate, drank and chatted whilst the sounds of dance music boomed dully in the distance.
Around 3am Hiro and Makoto got up and started unpacking some more stuff – their fire dancing equiptment which consisted of an assortment long metal chains with balls and ropes attached, hand made from rope..

They also had wooden poles with mop-like ends.. By this time it was raining a fair amount but me and the girls were sat under a big tent watching.. Hiro and Makoto proceeded to light the ball-ended chains and then they danced with them, swinging them around in circles by their sides,above their heads, Hiro even swung them between his arms close enough to light the cig in his mouth, out in the pitch black night in the rain. It was the most amazing thing ive ever seen. After the boys played with some more of their ‘toys’ they came back,drenched but with large satisfied little-boy grins on their faces. We chatted and drank some more and then they pulled out a crystal ball and played with it in their hands, moving it around fluidly,spining it around across their arms skillfully but it seemed as if it was the ball floating around by itself not that they were moving with it. I fell asleep soon after and awoke around 7am to find everyone gone…


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