First Day teaching…

1 Jul

I am shattered! I didnt realise (like a dumbass) that teaching kids would be so hard..
The first lesson of the day was with a group of Kindergarten kids – 5 – and most of the time they were going nuts. It wasnt what I had to teach that threw me, it was trying to keep their attention… I was helped a number of times by a different member of staff and so felt more than a little silly… The second lesson was with one 8 year old girl who seemed bored out of her skull but by the end of the lesson I managed to put a smile on her face. The last lesson was with two ten year old boys who liked to swear at each other in japanese alot – hense I spent most of the time giggling my ass off. That lesson was the easiest of the day as I knew that the key was to test them by making them compete against each other.. I promised that who ever would win next week would get a prize so im hoping that lights a firecracker *grins* Now I have to shoot.. Got dinner with a friend ^-^ I love it in Tokyo and im glad I made the move..


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