The weirdest bug ever – The “Semi” (Cicada)

15 Aug

A kid from my class picks up, and (much to my dismay) brings over to me a bug about 2 inches long, HUGE, with wings and that screams… And when I mean screams it actually SCREAMS… Turns out it was a cicada and the first one that I had ever seen… Not particularly a pleasant experience but certainly an interesting one..
My coworker – Tomoko – explains to me that they are everywhere and are regarded a pest in Japan.
So I ask her (in Japanese of course) “Why? Do they bite??”
She replies “No not at all”
“So do they eat and distroy things?”
“So what do they do that makes them a pest?”
(*Tomoko pauses and thinks of what to say*…………)
“Because they pee on you… They pee on you and then run away…


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