On my way to work…

23 Aug

Walking on my way to work and its the first time since moving here that I dont have to use my fan to cool down. In fact im freezing my ass off!
When did that happen?! Ah well, tis a nice reminder of home i suppose..
Passed a man with a broken leg riding a bike -his crutches draped across the handle bars. That sight encompassed everything that I feel when I think about the Japanese people – I admire their tenatiousness and courage and hard work ethic but cant help but feel that due to their haphazard take on things one wrong move is all it will takebefore they end up screwed for life or worse…
(Says the giant foriegn girl texting this on her phone as she walks to work, paying no mind to anybody that she may be liable to squish at any moment with her foriegn biggness and bad foriegn manners – lol)
… While on the subject of metaphors- My love for this country is like a relationship. I may bitch about everyting that aint right about it… But under it all, I wouldnt change it for the world….


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