What I will do with myself for the next two months…

24 Aug

As of today I am starting a new resolve. I like going to clubs I really do but when I wake up at 1pm and wonder where my day went, not study because of a hang over and thus waste a potential day that would get me closer to my goals in life, I feel that something needs to change, fast.
Granted I am only here for another 2 months and should start livin it up as it were. BUT I figured out that the most important thing now is to get my ass to uni – be it in Japan or in England. Either way I am going to have to reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally pull some weight if I am to get there.
Did some research on entering Unis in Japan and scholarships and it turns out that I can get a scholarship IF I pass my Japanese examination for foreign students at a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally high level.

So, I have a year of study study study ahead of me and it is going to start NOW.
Tomorrow (Mondays in general, and in fact Fridays and Saturdays too) I have lots of work so that cannot be helped much – unless I study on the train. However I am going away to ‘THE BRITISH HILLS’ with Treebell (the Eikaiwa I work for now) for a couple of days to teach English on Thursday.
That should give me a fair amount of time in which to study and such.

SO – My rules!
1) 2 hours min are to be designated to study per day and if I do not meet this criteria then I cannot come out to play. Period.
2) Full days off mean a period of at least 5 hours study spread out across the day (Sundays)
3) Half days off require 3 hours study.
4) Studying has to be done on train journeys using the ds (Kanji training game)

Now here is the challenge, CAN SHE DO IT?

*chuckles* well I better do, otherwise Cass isn’t going to uni..
And that would make Cass a very sad kitty…


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