Me and alarm clocks…

18 Sep

ve always had an interesting relationship with alarm clocks. My first memorable clock experience involved a Power Rangers clock when I was a wee little thing.(yeh I was a power rangers fanatic – so sue me :p)
First thing in the morning the little robot character would start screeching ‘ay-ay-ay-ay-AY! Power Rangers -something something something- (cant rember) Awating instructions!’.
Pretty standard except it was voice activated… Regardless of where the thing was in my room, if I shouted something(anything) at it, it would shut up. Thus most mornings of my childhood were spent telling Alpha (was that its name?) to go fuck himself (and before you say anything mother, as I recall, so did you, when in the vicinity!). This I think was thus how I learnt that alarm clocks didnt actually require that I woke up..

Later on in life I received a Hello Kitty clock. It was VERY loud and would play some sort of classical tune for about 5seconds before screeching ‘GOOD MORNING!’in cute high pitched voice that was beyond overkill.
This too, dispite not being voice activated, was frequently told where to stick it – unfortunately by this time I had come to think of this as the appropriate reaction when dealing with alarm clocks.
After further perfecting the art of ignoring and sleeping through this alarm, I found myself incapable of waking up to anything.
At one point I had 3 alarms set for the morning – Hello Kitty, my phone (beeping only at that time) and my ipod attached to my speaker system and turned up to full volume…I was able to remain asleep through this for an hour.
Coming to japan and having to work to make a living put the fear of god in me and now I wake up on time on a work day (on my days off I dont hear alarms possibly because my subconcious knows I dont have to).

So yeh. Now I wake up in the morning to 5 alarms coded onto my phone (just in case) 3 of which are my current favourite wake up songs – Because of you(Ne-yo), Bring me too life (Evanescence) and Kimi Ni Negai Wo (Miyavi) – and 2 regular alarm tones… Hopefully when I get back home I will wake up to just the one! lol


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