SOAS and it’s failness…

22 Sep

Soas and its failness…

by Katsumi J Talbot on Monday, 22 September 2008 at 14:58

I`m currently at a net cafe in Kinshichouji (near tokyo) looking at stuff for uni.
Decided to recheck the entry grades for SOAS`s japanese degree and found, much to my horror that the grades have gone up AGAIN.
So here are my options.
a) I retake the philosophy unit i failed as well as my Japanese A2 exam next June and pray to god I get 2 A`s
b) I retake the above this year and next year I take a night school 1 year ALEVEL course like psycology get 3 A-levels at A grade and try again to all unis (including cambridge)
c) wing it all and apply for a japanese uni while i`m at it.
Either will do I suppose but I really wanted to go to uni next year… Dont want to have to wait ANOTHER one.
This education system fails…
Comments please?


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