4 weeks to go!

28 Sep

It’s just under 4 weeks untill I head home… well… for all of 10 hours. Then I head to Mexico with my dear Mother for a week (^-^) tee hee!
Despite the news that the English economy has started going down and violence is rising I am still excited to be going home.
The preparations for sending the bulk of my stuff is nearly completed and so there isnt much left to do except work, pay a few bills, save the rest of my money and then go out and have myself a jolly good time in my last week. v(^-^)v
The only problem is that its started to get rather chilly – its 20 degrees in my room and I cant figure out how my heater works… It might not sound cold but when youve just about got used to sweating it out in temps of around 35 degrees and blinding sunshine, in comparison 20 is damn cold!
Ho hum! Lets hope that English weather wont be much of a transistion! (lol)


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