Those first few steps into a new world…

10 Sep

Those first few steps you take into a new world on your own may seem daunting (terrifying even)… But once you have conquered that barrier, you will never forget that euphoria of having achieved something great…

Similarly, in the beginning you may struggle to even so much as say “hello” in a new language… But the day that you realize that you just ordered a Caramel Latte with chocolate sprinkles and a slice of vanilla cheesecake, in that language, without even blinking, will stay with you for the rest of your life…


I had my first real adventure today without the support of my homestay family – having caught a little cabin fever I decided it was time to get out and go visit Yonsei, on my own, and see what I could find..

Of course I had major reservations at first… I was terrified that I would get lost, or get the wrong bus, or be talked to by some weird foreigner-loving nutcase or something… (as amusing as that might sound, on a serious note they do exist and they are to be avoided outright).

Bu~t!… I knew I had to do it…So I sucked it up and got myself ready to go out.

I did my usual dance of “ah CRAP I forgot my glasses…. right, ready to go… WAIT – forgot my purse… DAMNIT – and my student card… FFS – my dictionary too!!!” but finally got out the door, with Omma and Doull in tow just to show me where the bus stop was…

After topping up my student card (which also acts as a bus/train card), we got to the bus stop, waved goodbye and watched as Omma and Doull walked off down the street… Then took a deep breath, put on a brave face and twiddled my thumbs while waiting for the bus to arrive…

It didn’t take long at all (maybe 3 minutes) and the moment I set foot on the bus and swiped my student card I felt a sense of self satisfaction, even arrogance, in that sort of “YEH BABY~! Now look who’s travellin’ freestyle in Korea by herself!” kind of way…

This evolved into “BOOYAH~!!” when I managed to change buses without getting lost…

And finally when I got to the gates of Yonsei it was pretty much like – “WHO’S YOUR DADDY?!!”

Yeh…. (^_^;;) Get some?



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