Busy busy busy!!!

21 Sep


So, its been a little while since I last wrote – pretty much because I have been busy with uni stuff and applying for my alien (lol) registration card… I’ve also been COMPLETELY knackered from attempting to sort out my sleeping problems….

For the past week I have been trying to be up by 7/7.30 to go to Yonsei and mull around meeting new people, and go exploring in Shinchon and Hongdea…

This wouldn’t have been a problem, except from the fact that at night I haven’t been able to sleep – just too much going through my mind at the moment!!

Today I had a ‘crash’ day and slept around 12 hours to let my body recuperate from the week’s events…


On Monday I was woken up at 7.15ish for breakfast with Omma and Appa. Got ready, left around 8.30 with them and headed off to MOKDONG (where the Seoul immigration office is situated) to meet up with some new friends and hand in my application..

Unfortunately, my home address is in a different county and so I couldn’t have my application processed there. Instead I had to go to ANGUK to get it done at the immigration office there…

ANGUK is 1 stop away from KYEONGBOKGUM, fairly close to where I live. MOKDONG is AGES away from where I live… EPIC FAIL.

But it wasn’t a totally wasted trip – went out to lunch with friends nearby to Yonsei Uni on the way back. As it was absolutely roasting that day, I ordered cold Soba (메밀/Memil in Korean, Buckwheat in English) noodles, with an iced dipping sauce and chopped spring onion. OMNOMNOMNOM~! T’was very very goooooooood~!


After munching, I headed into the Uni grounds to look around some more – particularly to check out the club house next to the Student Union…

I found the Art club room and proceeded to awkwardly introduce myself and then communicate with the club members chilling inside.

I signed up, chatted for a bit and then buggered off again to go and find the other club I wanted to join – Avenante, the university’s choir.

After having to enlist someone’s help, I finally found the club room and signed up there too – they told me I would have to have an audition on the following Thursday to determine if I was a Soprano or Alto… Fun fun fun!

Afterwards I decided that I had had enough adventure for one day and so set off homewards, with the intention of stopping by the Anguk immigration office on the way to process my application…

However, when I got there, they were too much up to their eye-balls to be able to accept any more applications for the day… Thus I had to come back the next day…


Got up early on Tuesday morning and headed off to the Anguk immigration office again. Waited for around an hour and a half before I was seen, finally had my application processed and was then told that I had to come back on the 5th of October to collect my passport and foreign registration card…..

At first I wondered why the hell it was going to take so damn long… But then remembered that it is Ch’useok – A Korean thanksgiving holiday that lasts for 3 days from Tuesday to Thursday next week. Because it falls right in the middle of the week, some companies/places of work may decide to take the whole week off, and the application takes 7-10 working days, that is why it will take so long…

So despite feeling a little disappointed at how long it was going to take to get my foreign registration, I felt pleased with myself for having gotten it all (finally) out of the way and so celebrated by popping next door to the nearest 7-11 and bought a Teriaki Chicken onigiri, a Gochujang (hot and sweet chilli/pepper paste) Beef onigiri and a can of cold coffee – heaven!!!

After that I went back to Yonsei and checked out the “Sonagi” club room…

“Sonagi” is the university’s rock band club and I had heard a little about it from other people… The members in the club were all really welcoming (as expected) and the girls particularly seemed to want to chat with me a lot and ask me a lot of questions about English and England.

I heard a recorded version of one of their songs and was really impressed, particularly by the skill of the lead singer – Shishi.



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