Study tips for the idle~!

28 Oct


Knowledge may be power, but studying is a complete pain in the ass. Period.

SO, with midterms coming up, I thought I would share a bit of my wisdom on how to make the most out of studying, without developing the urge to put yourself out of your misery by performing a self lobotomy with a freshly sharpened pencil, or strangling yourself with the nearest usb cable to hand…



Flash cards are an awesome way of studying and are especially great for crazy-assed language students like myself! πŸ˜‰

No, I don’t mean those silly bits of paper you cut out yourself and spend hours writing on only to have them end up ripped, coffee-stained or end up in the wash with your favorite pair of jeans.

I’m talking about the electronic kind that you can type up quickly (if you are an uber fast typer like me!) and that make it easier for you to store information in your long term memory

I’m talking about ‘ANKI’. There is also ‘MNEMOSYNE’, but I personally find that Anki is better.

Anki is a computer program that allows you to create customized electronic flashcards (2-sided and 3-sided) and then records information on how easy, or how hard, you find the answer to each one by asking you to rate the card on a scale of AGAIN to VERY EASY, so it can calculate when best to show you the card again. Over time, the easier you find answering the card, the longer the time until the program shows you the card again.

You can also change the colour and font size of the text inputted, and even add sound and images to your cards.

Furthermore, (for those with an ipad, iphone or itouch) you can download (for a small fee) the Anki app and sync decks to your device in order to ANKI ON THE GO~!

My itouch and Korean Flash cards~!


Beats that paper crap any day! XD


2) SEE RED~!

When you come to studying, only to be faced with page after page of scrawls and doodles that you graffiti-ed last time you went over stuff (or just simply blocks of boring black text) sifting out the key information or testing yourself on stuff becomes much more of a task.

This is particularly a pain in the ass for language students who get to the point where they don’t want to see translations of words scrawled everywhere and just want to try to read text again in its untranslated raw state.

Solution – A red pen and a red piece of see through plastic.(Technically any matching color combo should work but i’ve always found red better to use)

When in class, or studying at home, make your key points in your notebook, or scrawled notes on handouts or in textbooks, using said pen. Then when it is time to knuckle down pop the colored plastic over the text and VOILA! the colored text disappears, leaving behind only the black text.


Step 1) If you can't find any red plastic take a see-through red folder, a craft knife and a ruler...

Step 2) Cut out a page sized piece of the plastic...

Step 3) Take your plastic, your pen and your textbook AND GO NUTS!!! XD


AFTER! (You can't see too good due to my crappy camera, but i'm sure you get the idea πŸ˜‰ )

Clever eh? πŸ˜‰


3) Get Trippy~!

No I don’t mean get high *facepalm* – I mean get FUN!

The more fun you find things, the more likely you are to remember them.

Let your mind run wild – twist things in a dirty way, make doodles, etc. Then, when you come back to studying, you will remember the fun thing you did with the information and thus be more likely to remember the information itself in its raw, un-trippified, state.

I used this technique several times when trying to remember stuff – e.g. When studying ‘Languages and Writing Systems of East Asia’ and researching the Phags Pa script (a Mongolian script commissioned by Kublai Khan around 1260 AD to replace the existing Uyghur script used at the time) I imagined its creator the ‘Phags Pa Lama’ to be a gay Mongolian llama.

*shrug* Suffice to say – it worked and I giggled my ass off in the exam as a result.


Another example (from our Yonsei Korean textbook): Person A) "Maria Ssi was really p**sed. What was up with her?" Person B) "I only made a joke!! (About how today was a compulsory wet t-shirt day and so I would have to douse her shirt with cold water...)" Person A) ... *facepalm*


4) Once you go black…

Get a blackboard, not a whiteboard, to write reminders and notes on. (Jeeze, what did you think I was gonna say? πŸ˜‰ Plus – you gotta give me thumbs up for using the Old Spice man… mmm… Old Spice…)

White = boring and plain. Black = jazzy and fun! (Ain’t it the truth ;p)

Furthermore, get a LAMINATED blackboard and some BLACKBOARD CHALK PENS if possible for super happy fun times! (Korea is full of them but i’m sure those NOT in Korea can find them on ebay or something)


I WUB MY BLACKBOARD~! (Thumbs up for the multilingual content! Thumbs down for the finance calculation...)


5) RAVE!!!

Most people say you can’t study while listening to music.

That is bs, plain and simple – It might not work for SOME people, but it works for others so at least give it a try.

Listening to music stimulates the brain and also makes us feel happy, and when we feel happy and have fun, we are more likely to absorb information.

However, it is probably best to listen to music with no vocals/lyrics so as not to get your brain too muddled. I personally listen to classical (Chopin) or techno (Pendulum) – the classical music chills me out if i’m stressed and the techno makes me UBER happy and all like BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM *raves with her pencil and pen in place of glow sticks*

When you get a REEEEEEALLY sticky problem that you just can’t get your head around (or for those who just can’t listen to music and study at the same time), take a 5 minute rave break and bust some moves, glowstick in hand, before coming back to it.


A'int it pur~ty!

Mmmmmmmm mid-study raveeeeeeeeeee~!


That’s all i’m giving you for today!!! Hope it was entertaining and helpful!



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  1. Helen October 28, 2010 at 8:17 PM #

    Best post ever xxxx
    Thanks for the tips!

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