The metaphorical brick wall of doom…

4 Nov


I’m not gonna lie. Living in a foreign country is AWESOME… But sometimes it is equally AWESOMELY CRAP.

However, the important thing to realize is that actually, you have good times, bad times and mediocre times wherever in the world you decide to park your backside for a while…


I’m having a bit of a “feeling crap” week and now feel a bit like i’ve just pile drived (driven?) my skull into a very ‘Mario World’-esq, previously invisible brick wall. Yeh.

*deep breath…. and sighhhhhhhhhhhhh*


Yesterday I got my midterm results back – I passed Reading (89/100), Speaking (65/100) and Listening (62/100) but unfortunately was 2.2 marks away from passing Writing (57.8/100)…

Rather than piss and moan about how badly I had done, and how much I needed to pull my finger out from now on, I decided to go shopping and indulge in some good old retail therapy, thus tottered off to the electronic district of Seoul – Yongsan – with Risa (a friend of mine from uni here) to buy a new video camera (given that the old one died a horrible death after being subjected to hot spring fumes back in my Manza days…)…


Yongsan is -ok- but it’s no Akihabara… However, you CAN bargain with stall owners to lower the price of goods IF you know what you are doing…

I don’t. (-_-;)

But Risa did. (^-^)


After wandering around and looking at various different products I found myself torn between 2 more-than-I-wanted-to-pay-but-so-cool HD cameras – 1 Sanyo, 1 JVC.

The JVC one was epicly awesome but was pitched at 590,000 won – about £330 which was WAY MORE than I was willing to pay.

The Sanyo one, that was smaller and lighter than the JVC one but not -as- cool, was pitched at 490,000 won – about £270 which was still pretty high….

So we bantered and bargained and FINALLY got the guy to lower the price down to 440,000 won (£245) for the Sanyo INCLUDING added 10% charge for using my card to pay, a 8mb memory card, carry case and usb stick for the memory card.

Not bad, I thought and tottered back off home reasonably happy with said purchase.


Of course I checked the price of the same thing on and found that the price I had paid was marginally more expensive than back home but couldn’t be bothered to argue with it – I had a video camera I was happy with and to be honest couldn’t be bothered to go all the way back to argue to toss over a couple of quid. Plus, the man who served us wasn’t seedy and horrible like the other stall owners we encountered who were hell bent on taking us for fools.


So, without much ado, I present my new baby:


So YEH… That cheered me up a bit… Until this morning…


Recently with exam and such i’ve become strangely more tired than usual – stomach cramps from the colitis have been kicking off a bit and even have started getting a sty on my right eye again… Fun fun!

As a result, I threw in the towel today and decided to stay at home and rest!

I know I should probably make an effort to go to choir practice at 6pm as I wasn’t able to attend last week on Thursday and this week on Monday due to preparing for midterms, and our performance is on the 28th of November so I need to know my stuff……

Buuuuuuuuuttttt that brick wall is ‘all up in mah face’ and I can’t figure out which is the best way around it. I have the choice of:

  1. Staying home and chilling out/catching up generally as well as work missed from today – but if I do this I will miss out on choir and potentially piss people off.
  2. Going to choir – fun and happy but at the same time will probably have a knock on effect on tomorrow – I am knackered as it is and may feel the same tomorrow as I did today…
  3. Staying home and f**king off both choir and study – to the detriment of everything constructive in my life.

Hmmm, hard choice.

Whilst it is very tempting to go with choice no.3, I am of a sane-enough mind to know that doing that would be a VERY STUPID IDEA.

Choice no.1 is thus the preferred one because, lets face it, I HAVE to pass this term – if I don’t I will have to redo level 3 and, aside from just reeeeeally not wanting to have to do that, I reeeeeeeallly don’t want to have to stay until September to make sure I pass 3 levels of tuition required before coming home.

But…. recently I have been feeling pretty blue because of lack of socialization – it feels like all I do is come home and eat, study, sleep and go to school again before repeating the same cycle. It gets boring, not to mention depressing, and makes me miss the days back in Sheffield when I would crash over at peoples houses, steal their foods, beds and play their video games (left 4 dead 1+2 FTW) into the early hours of the morning… *reminisces* mmmmmm stolen beds… 😉

So yeh – choice no.2 would be good to a point because it will mean getting out and doing stuff with people… but still… study IS more important….

*sigh* 迷ってる。。。


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