O-hisashiburi~ (Long time no see~)

9 Mar

So, i’m not very good with this regularly writing a blog thing. In fact I outright SUCK at it.

*nonchalant shrug*

I WILL get around the catching up at some point… soon… hopefully… maybe…. BUT in the meantime – from now on I think I’ll just be writing small bits and bobs throughout the day/week in order to cut down the amount I write at one time because, let’s face it, the concept of writing a shed load of stuff all at once is a bit like how a hill can sometimes look like Mt. Everest.


One Response to “O-hisashiburi~ (Long time no see~)”

  1. helen March 9, 2011 at 10:47 PM #

    this is exactly how i feel. i may do the same thing too. good idea kitty kat!

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