New resolution – Be EXTRA good to yourself!

31 Mar

So with level 3 of KLI tuition FINALLY out of the way I decided it was time to treat myself (again *snicker*) during the week break before level 4 starts…

Now, I didn’t really think of myself as a girly-girly girl before – if you asked me what cleanser and toner I used I would be all like (O.o) “What is to cleanse and tone?” – but recently Korea and her obsession with skin care and keeping up ones appearances has rubbed off on me…

Thus I present the following list of products I use/have recently discovered (mainly just because I am bored and looking for something to do with my time…):



I come from a family of Lancome buffs – I use it, my Mother uses it, my Grandmother uses it. It is the best makeup I have ever used – and the most compatible with my odd olivey/caramel skin tone AND even though it is really f**king expensive I swear by it.

I use Lancome’s 02 Beige Sable EFFACERNES LONGUE TENUE long-lasting softening concealer

the PHOTOGENIC LUMESSENCE light-mastering & smoothing foundation

the 03 Sable POUDRE MAJEURE EXCELLENCE micros-aerated loose powder

Lancome’s ARTLINER liquid eyeliner

and finally Lancome’s Crayon Khol Noir pencil eyeliner.


Next up I present a recent find : Skin Food’s ALOE SUN BB CREAM (SPF 20 PA+).

Now this I only just started using (to see if it will help with my acne scars and overall texture of my skin) but it seems to be pretty awesome. Plus I love the smell of Aloe stuff. Only problem is it is a little pale for my skin tone – but i plan to mix in a little of the Lancome stuff to balance it out  (^_^) If you don’t know what BB cream is, google it. SO can’t be bothered with providing an explanation  ;p

I generally only use BOOTS’ 17 eyes METALLIC TOFFEE eyeshadow because I like natural looking makeup – none of that florescent pink sparkly eyes bulls*it!

And finally I use Maybelline’s THE MAGNUM VOLUM’ EXPRESS waterproof mascara – just because.



Until recently I didn’t really bother with hand cream, or take care of my hands and nails at all… But it seems that I have developed a bit of a fetish for using hand cream and getting my nails done… *facepalm*

I have started using Atrix’s STRONG protection cream (with Aloe Vera)

And in an attempt to grow my nails out, I have been using Sally Hansen’s HARD AS NAILS EXTREME WEAR black nail polish and HARD AS NAILS WITH NYLON nail grower-helper stuff.



You may have noticed a little bit of a theme with aloe themed lotions – turns out I am obsessed with the stuff and even use Vaseline’s ALOE FRESH HYDRATING BODY LOTION (with aloe and cucumber extract). IT SMELLS SO GOOD!!!!

THEN for washing my face I use Skin Food’s GREEN TEA AND MILK FOAM CLEANSER (’cause I love me some green tea!!!)

I prefer not to wash my body with anything uber smelly as it can upset certain parts of my anatomy (lol), hence I use PALMERS COCOA BUTTER SOAP – for that soft, pure, unperfumed kind of cleanness…

For my hair I use TSUBAKI SHINING shampoo and conditioner (ALSO SMELLS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!)

Then, my deodorant of choice is MITCHUM’s 48 HOUR PROTECTION unperfumed rollon – unperfumed because I don’t like to mix up too many different fragrances. This is by FAR the best deodorant I have EVER used and it really does stop the old armpits from stinking!!!!

And finally, for those times when I want to smell EXTRA lovely – I use ANNA SUI’s NIGHT OF FANCY perfume~!


So there you have it – my list of girly stuff I use. Just because.


To finish off with I decided to also pop in a pic of my latest purchace – a starbucks CREATE YOUR OWN TUMBLER (because it is AWESOME!!!)

Will show pictures of customized product when done!!! (^_^)


ANYWAYS – toodleoo!



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