Oh woe is me…

10 May

4:30am – The 3 gorgeous dachshunds I am looking after for the evening (at my friends house) start whining to be let out.

I get up.

I step in dog poo.

I curse then wash my feet – THOROUGHLY.

Half asleep I decide to clean up the rest with kitchen towel and then make the mistake of flushing it down the loo.

The toilet blocks up.

There is no plunger.

I panic.

The water level goes down and the toilet gurgles.

I think all is safe and well again.

I get into bed.

I look over to see one of the other little angels pooping IN THE SAME PLACE.

I clean it up with TOILET roll.

I try flush it down the loo.

The toilet is still blocked.

I panic again.

I try everything from dish soap to coat hanger to rubber glove. No joy.

5:29am – I turn around to see all 3 little darlings PTFO on my bed.

I throw in the towel. (No pun intended)




One Response to “Oh woe is me…”

  1. Suzanne Sutherland May 10, 2011 at 7:21 PM #

    Have you seen the Google Ads for this posting? LOL

    Anyway, how is the toilet now??

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