Back in the land of pork pies and cups of tea!

18 Sep

Been back home for around 2-3 weeks now. My sense of time has been lost in a haze of bakedbeans-on-toast diets, crazy reunions with old friends and family, and then finally the big ol’ move up’norf bac’ t’Sheffield!). Currently residing in new (but not shiney) accomodation and have ALL my stuff with me as my parents were all like “We are (translation – might at some point in the next century) moving house and so get your stuff and GTFO!!!”. *chuckles and waves to family* LOVE YOUR FACES!!!!!!
SO, thats about all I can report FOR NOW. A -BIG- post on a summary of my time in Korea is needed as well as an update on my status in life in general – but i’m a bit of a lazy SOB so that will be done later.


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