Reaching for the stars and beyond!!!!

19 Sep

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer…


I have come to notice that as people get older, they seem to stop dreaming, and even in some cases insist that others do too. Dreams appear to have taken a back seat (or are thrown out all together) and people deal with them in a sort of melancholic or “mmmeh-nonchalant-shrug” sort of fashion.

To most people, dreams just ‘are’: They are just dreams. Nothing more.

Dreams just come and go; fade out or be reignited for a brief moment of time from time to time; are achieved inadvertently or remain part of that todo pile that accumulates as life goes on.

Even in those cases in which some people -do- have a dream or two of some sort, most of the time they dismiss them and regard them as being out of one’s league.

However, what a lot of people seem to fail to realize is that it really doesn’t matter if what you are reaching for is too high, as long as you are still reaching for something. Something that inspires you to work hard, to enjoy life and to LIVE. Something that gives your life sparkle, meaning and importance…


Since coming back to England I have found myself deliberating on the topic of “what next?”.

I’m a big “what next?” kind of thinker. Always have been. Probably always will be.

“What comes next?”, “What should I aim for beyond what I am doing now?”, “What is within my reach?” or at the very least “What is reasonably feasable for me to attempt?”, “What will make my life awesome in the future?” – these are the questions floating about the insides of my crainium on a daily basis, just mostly as background noise and not at the forefront 24/7.

In my first years of high school it was what GCSE’s I would take and what college I would go to, what A-levels I should take, as well as what kind of prom dress I would have come graduation.

When that time came, it was what university I would attend and what I would study.

Now i’m at university and in my 2nd of 4 years, it is all about what Masters I want to do, where and when – maybe even what PHD I want to do (Because the thought of someday becoming “Dr Kass” is sounding more and more epic the more I think about it!).

Moreover, from day dot i’ve been through redicuous amounts of ‘phases’ of “What I want to be when I grow up!”: From “Vet” to “Singer” to “Animator”. Then from “Translator” to “Actress” to “East Asian Art specialist” to “Member of the UN”.

It never stops.

But I suppose that’s just called adapting to life and developing as a person – you never know what is around the corner. Plans change. But even if they do, and even you divert from the original path you intended to take, life is still exciting.

What I have discovered so far is that life cannot be planned out and excecuted as per instruction – Life likes to throw a spanner in the works from time to time to jazz things up, keep us on our toes and test our willingness to truck on.

I’ve faced a lot of bumps in the road and been thrown a fair few spanners but things are not always supposed to go the way we plan; sometimes you don’t get what you really wanted initially; but sometimes it is the throw down that makes you pick yourself up, try harder, and achieve more; and sometimes you might end up with much better than you had originally hoped for…


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