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Now that exams are done…

3 Nov


Traveling the world and living in foreign countries can be awesome. Not 100% of the time, of course – but even the bad times can be spun into for-the-better learning experiences.

What I love about traveling the world the most is not that ‘first time’ visit where everything is new and shiny, but the subsequent visits that follow.

Obviously the first visit is always the most memorable, but after that, every time I revisit a place, I get a warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling as i’m taken back into times past and recall some truly amazing times (both good and bad)…


Midterms. 2 of 4 went DIRELY.

I have a profound dislike for exams in general and these midterms were no exception – but I suppose now I know what to expect for the finals thus know how I need to prepare better…

HOWEVER, it’s not all doom and gloom!!! The magical light at the end of this reasonably hellish tunnel is my recently booked trip to JAPAN!!!!

After debating it for the past month or so, I finally took the plunge and (regardless of whether I thought I was capable of affording it or not) I went ahead and booked the flight (with help from my lovely homestay Omma~!)

The return flight from the 13th to the 23rd of Dec set me back a WHOPPING 437000 Won (less than £250), which (lets face it) really wasn’t bad at all, given the time of year.

Furthermore I will be staying with my AMAZING pals from Uni – who are currently studying over in Tokyo for the year and who I will be house sharing with upon our return the UK (can I get a WOOP WOOP?!) – so I won’t have to pay anything for accomodation~! (I wuv you guyzzz~!)

SO yeh. Totally awesome – but it gets BETTER:

1) MUCC (One of my favorite bands in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD) is playing on the 16th IN TOKYO <- I’m SO there!

2) Recently got in contact with the folk at the hot spring hotel I used to work at in Gunma (in the mountains in the middle of f**ing nowhere) and they have kindly offered to give me a discount on staying there for the night with previously mentioned best buddies~!

3) Got news today from my Mother that my TAX REBATE reimbursement cheque for -£450- (ZOMG~!) came through in the post – that, plus the fact that I recently discovered I have far more funds than initially thought = KACHING~! (Shopping in Tokyo FTW!)



SO excited in fact, that I made the following itinerary:


Now all I have to do is make a shopping list…… *grins*



4 weeks to go!

28 Sep

It’s just under 4 weeks untill I head home… well… for all of 10 hours. Then I head to Mexico with my dear Mother for a week (^-^) tee hee!
Despite the news that the English economy has started going down and violence is rising I am still excited to be going home.
The preparations for sending the bulk of my stuff is nearly completed and so there isnt much left to do except work, pay a few bills, save the rest of my money and then go out and have myself a jolly good time in my last week. v(^-^)v
The only problem is that its started to get rather chilly – its 20 degrees in my room and I cant figure out how my heater works… It might not sound cold but when youve just about got used to sweating it out in temps of around 35 degrees and blinding sunshine, in comparison 20 is damn cold!
Ho hum! Lets hope that English weather wont be much of a transistion! (lol)

SOAS and it’s failness…

22 Sep

Soas and its failness…

by Katsumi J Talbot on Monday, 22 September 2008 at 14:58

I`m currently at a net cafe in Kinshichouji (near tokyo) looking at stuff for uni.
Decided to recheck the entry grades for SOAS`s japanese degree and found, much to my horror that the grades have gone up AGAIN.
So here are my options.
a) I retake the philosophy unit i failed as well as my Japanese A2 exam next June and pray to god I get 2 A`s
b) I retake the above this year and next year I take a night school 1 year ALEVEL course like psycology get 3 A-levels at A grade and try again to all unis (including cambridge)
c) wing it all and apply for a japanese uni while i`m at it.
Either will do I suppose but I really wanted to go to uni next year… Dont want to have to wait ANOTHER one.
This education system fails…
Comments please?

Me and alarm clocks…

18 Sep

ve always had an interesting relationship with alarm clocks. My first memorable clock experience involved a Power Rangers clock when I was a wee little thing.(yeh I was a power rangers fanatic – so sue me :p)
First thing in the morning the little robot character would start screeching ‘ay-ay-ay-ay-AY! Power Rangers -something something something- (cant rember) Awating instructions!’.
Pretty standard except it was voice activated… Regardless of where the thing was in my room, if I shouted something(anything) at it, it would shut up. Thus most mornings of my childhood were spent telling Alpha (was that its name?) to go fuck himself (and before you say anything mother, as I recall, so did you, when in the vicinity!). This I think was thus how I learnt that alarm clocks didnt actually require that I woke up..

Later on in life I received a Hello Kitty clock. It was VERY loud and would play some sort of classical tune for about 5seconds before screeching ‘GOOD MORNING!’in cute high pitched voice that was beyond overkill.
This too, dispite not being voice activated, was frequently told where to stick it – unfortunately by this time I had come to think of this as the appropriate reaction when dealing with alarm clocks.
After further perfecting the art of ignoring and sleeping through this alarm, I found myself incapable of waking up to anything.
At one point I had 3 alarms set for the morning – Hello Kitty, my phone (beeping only at that time) and my ipod attached to my speaker system and turned up to full volume…I was able to remain asleep through this for an hour.
Coming to japan and having to work to make a living put the fear of god in me and now I wake up on time on a work day (on my days off I dont hear alarms possibly because my subconcious knows I dont have to).

So yeh. Now I wake up in the morning to 5 alarms coded onto my phone (just in case) 3 of which are my current favourite wake up songs – Because of you(Ne-yo), Bring me too life (Evanescence) and Kimi Ni Negai Wo (Miyavi) – and 2 regular alarm tones… Hopefully when I get back home I will wake up to just the one! lol

The British Hills…

27 Aug

Yes folks you heard me right. The British Hills is a resort in Japan an hour away from Omiya (Saitama) by Shinkansen. As the name suggests the resort is situated in some hills that look like British ones (in case that wasn’t clear) but from what ive seen so far it reminds me of the scenery from My Neighbour Totoro and Princess Mononoke.
I am going there as part of work to teach English (that must have been a big suprise to hear too…) from today untill friday.
I’ve got 5 lessons a day and then the rest of the time I have to myself, teehee, so will be taking lots of photos. (^-^)


27 Aug

There is a hamburger restaurant called BikkuriDonkey – which means The suprised Donkey. *shrugs* dont know why but I found it funny… Sweet Rain the movie looks good and recently the drama Shibatora has caught my attention. On the subject of dramas there is going to be a new one out soon with Matsumoto Jun in it… Taka looks so much like him its unreal and also has a ‘Doumiouji’ attitude to boot (lol) Been studying on and off all day between lessons. I also drew. I drew the face of an old character of mine – possibly for the first time in 6 years. The design needs more work but all in all it was a good drawing. Study is coming along good too so things are going well I suppose… Ho hum


25 Aug

A month and a half, nearly 2. Thats how long my throat has been swollen due to my screwed tonsils.
The worst part isnt the pain -in fact it doesnt hurt the majority of the time – its the pressure. Its feeling like someone has you gripped by the neck, not so that you cannot breathe, but enough to feel the heat.
Spent more money today on a throat spray and special pain killers (my head and sinuses hurt but not my throat – wtf?!) which should help bring the swelling down a notch.
I can talk fine for a short amount of time but any longer and I get tetchy. Singing can be done but not very well which means there is no point.
But alas, nothing can be done about it untill I go back to England…
Ah well. C’est la vie.