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‘Dem Ajumma be CRAAZY!

28 Oct


In the beginning of October, I came across this on the news/Korea Times website and thought it would be amusing to share:

“Brawl of old woman, teenage girl in subway car causes stir”

By Kwon Mee-yoo


A carriage on subway line No. 2 turned into a fight arena when a young teenage girl talked down to an older woman who savagely assaulted the student in response.

The scene was captured by another passenger and uploaded to various websites and YouTube, causing a huge stir among netizens, Monday.

The video clip shows the old lady reprimanding the student for sitting cross-legged and the young girl talking back to her. Losing her temper, the old woman grabbed the girl’s hair, pushed her around and threw her on the seat in the car, while other passengers watched the scuffle.

At the end of the clip, the teen girl shouted into her cell phone, “I hate Korea, dad!” and swore at the old woman. Then she noticed the person recording the scene and said: “Upload it onto YouTube.”

Eyewitnesses explained other details not included in the video. They said the student sat with her legs crossed, wearing shoes smeared with mud and it had stained the old lady’s clothes.

She asked the girl to remove her dirty shoes from the seat and the student apologized twice. The old woman continued to scold her with abusive words and the teen girl then refuted and began talking back to the old lady, when the recording of the clip started.

A netizen said the old woman habitually provokes quarrels with other subway passengers and demands younger people to give up their seats for her.

Reaction from the general public was divided into three types — some blamed the rude schoolgirl for using crude language to the older lady, while the others condemned the old woman who attacked the young student and began quarreling with her.

The third group blamed the onlookers for doing nothing. “I think the people around them just watching are also part of the problem.

They should have pulled them apart,” a netizen nicknamed Mirunamu said.


And now for your entertainment, the video of the incident:


Funnily enough I was on the train the other day, just minding my own business and listening to my ipod, when out of nowhere my arm was grabbed and I was shoved roughly out of the way by this little (as in less than boob height – and i’m 5.7″) old, bat-sh*t-crazy looking Korean woman. She proceeded to treat everyone else in her way in the same manner before getting to the end of the carriage and threatening some passengers by brandishing her stubby iron fist in the air while warbling some Korean crazy talk.

I found it amusing, if nothing else.