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5 Oct
  • TIME: 21:04
  • PLACE: Mah bedroom! Sheff. UK
  • MUSIC: Evanescence, “End of the dream”
  • MOOD: High on life (and possibly orange juice too).



There comes a time in life where you realize that not only do you WANT to be more, but that you are actually capable of SO much more if you just take a chance, jump in with both feet, and just TRY.

Then, with the right amount of determination and application of the self, you CAN get there. You CAN be more.

After all: What is the point in living a life only half-lived?


I’m now into my second week of classes and so far so good – I decided to take “International Relations in East Asia”, “Japanese Contemporary Society”, and “Music Culture in East Asia” this semester, and all of them are pretty awesome modules!

Violin lessons are also going well, but I have had to REgress in order to PROgress: I have had to take a step back and start from grade 1 again as I haven’t played since I was around 13/14 years old, and have forgotten an awful lot. However, I am taking it all in my stride and reveling in being able to actually pick the damn thing up again without flinching!!! (Long story short – I used to be terrified of the strings snapping, particularly given that I have to hold the instrument so close to my face when playing…)

Started teaching English part time to earn some pocket moneyz: two adorable little Korean girls who speak with the most charming Yorkshire accents, and whose Mother supplies me with tasty Korean snacks! (^-^)

I also decided to join the OTC (Officer Training Corps). And this has to have been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.


In signing up and getting stuck in there, not only will I meet like-minded people from a diverse range of departments at both universities in my area, have masses of fun, and learn new and hugely valuable skills, I will also learn how to push myself to be better than I have ever been. Possibly even better than I thought I could be.

If Korea taught me anything, it taught me the importance in getting up off one’s arse, getting out there and doing stuff. Becoming better. Striving for more. ACHIEVING more.

I think that for most of my life I thought I was only capable of achieving up to the parameters supposedly fixed by my background and immediate surroundings. That ‘better’ was a bit of a myth – an ideal that could never really be achieved. Or simply, that how I was living was ‘good enough’. But for the most part I think that I was just scared. Scared of advancing beyond my family and peers and creating an unbridgable gap between us as a result.

Now, however, I see that I can do so much more and i’m not scared of trying anymore. I CAN become the person i’ve always dreamed of being.


It will, of course, take time and it will, of course, be hard hard HARD work. But I know in the end it will be worth it, and I know that I have the determination to see it through.


Amazing people, Epic times! ❤

So far I have met and made friends with some really amazing people in the OTC through attending a ‘Freshers Cocktails’ event last Tuesday, as well as participating in a sort of group challenge/orienteering event on Saturday – during which I was subjected to lots of forfeits by existing members such as having to scoff cold Paella in 25 seconds, have a mustache drawn on me in permanent marker and having to plank in a fountain for 10 seconds!!! (It was AMAZING fun!!!!)

Planking in the fountain - I am far left behind the kiddy. That water was rather shockingly cold but I soon dried off because it was a rather hot day!

Just because we are at university doesn't mean we have to be all grown up and boring and all that rubbish!!!! EARLY LEARNING CENTRE FTW!!!!

I'M ON A BOAT!!! Ye~ah boi!!! Like a BAWSS!!!

Today I went for kit fitting and to find out what group (‘colour’) I am in.

Tomorrow I will be attending our first formal meeting, and will learn more about what to expect from participating as well as what will be expected of me.

Then, this weekend I will be going away for ‘Selection Weekend’ and will have to run a mile and a half in under 14 minutes.

Those who know me, know how horribly HORRIBLY unfit I am and so will probably getting a good old chortle out of this. HOWEVER CHORTLE NOT!!!! – I am making huge efforts to get into shape (even if only just a tiny bit more before the weekend) so that I can do this. (YEHH BOI~!!!)


SO yeh. Pre-tty busy right now with all of that AND my N2 study. *deep sigh*

But again. S’gonna totally be worth it WHEN i’ve pulled it all off and got to the stage of just generally WINNING AT LIFE!!!! (NO MORE IFS!!! I CAN DO IT!!! RAWR!!!! and such.)


No photo collection would be complete without an epic jump pic!!!! YEH!!! SHEFFIEEEEEEEELD!!!!!!


‘Dem Ajumma be CRAAZY! (II)

9 Mar

So, a while ago I posted about the crazy old ladies in Korea: Since then I have not only become used to them bumbling about, shoving past you in their crazy patterned, eyeburningly bright colored attire accessorized by characteristic sun visors peaking through masses of over-permed poodle curls, but I have also come to find their existence rather amusing and somewhat cute – so much so, that I can’t help but smile and recall the phrase “‘Dem Ajumma be Cra~zy!” every time I encounter the darling little old dears.

Yesterday, however, I had a particularly amusing encounter with one. And when I say encounter I mean that I was a spectator. A rather amused spectator.

I was in Kyongbokgung walking to the bus stop that would take me home (I have to stop there to change buses between Pyeongchangdong and Yonsei) when my bus came whistling past me. I went to run to the bus stop to catch up with it, but quickly changed my mind upon remembering that every time I do that, I end up sweating a bomb once I get on the bus. I hate sweating. With a passion. Plus, by the time I cool down it is time to get off the bus and walk up the long steady incline to the road my house is on – which then turns suddenly into a steep incline. SO by the time I get home i’m all sweaty and icky and out of breath (because I am ridiculously unfit).

Suffice it to say that I just couldn’t be arsed with the fuss and the sweating and the hotness ((DO NOT LIKE!)), so I stopped running and just walked leisurely on over, taking my sweet time. To my surprise the bus didn’t move and just stayed there at the bus stop – something very unusual here in Korea as (generally speaking) bus drivers like to rocket off a split second after the last passenger has just about got both feet on board.

Once I got to the bus and hopped on, I was faced with a rather angry looking bus driver who was yelling about something or other. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that he was yelling about someone having not paid. That someone turned out to be a little old lady.

This particular little old lady had bright dyed blonde hair and was sat in the seats reserved for the disabled and elderly behind the bus driver’s booth, a box of fruit and a giant pizza parked next to her on the floor. She was clearly ignoring the driver’s protests and complaints and just looked out the window idly, as if nothing was wrong.

The driver continued to protest – he was yelling (but in polite Korean) things along the lines of “Ajumma! (old woman) Please can you swipe your card? If not you will have to get off. You can’t just ride the bus for free!”. Other passengers eager to get on with their journeys piped up too, urging the old woman to take notice.

The old woman was a stubborn one and dug her heels in by grunting in response something along the lines of “I’ve got all these things to carry: can’t you just leave me alone and just let me off?!?!”

After a while the bus driver seemed to have given up and went to set off, but then changed his mind last minute, got out of his driver’s booth and demanded that the old lady pay or get off.

She huffed and puffed in response like an angry Chihuahua while pointing to her stuff and growling back responses to the driver, trying to play the “i’m old so leave me alone” card. Finally, after a bit of back and forth growly dialogue with the driver, she got the message, grabbed her stuff and huffed off the bus, muttering the whole way.

Now at this point I would like to highlight the fact that the elderly seem to have a very hard time in Korea – a lot of them seem to be working the scummy, low paid jobs in society, which (I feel) is quite twisted and wrong… But, as much as I felt sorry for the old woman I couldn’t help but be amused by the whole situation – usually in the UK it is the youth that kick up these kinds of situations, not the aged. (Plus, she had BRIGHT BLONDE hair – Crazy!) I also had to sympathise with the driver – if you want to use a service, it is only fair that you pay for that service. No exceptions.

So yeh – ‘Dem Ajumma be cra~zy!